Plaster Casting Workshops

We are now open for bookings for our plaster casting workshops.  This is a unique experience in which participants learns to mix and pour plaster into a mould.  You will create a small plaster cast of  one of Hannah's iconic wall sconces - Shell, Tulip or Ovoid.  After only half an hour the plaster hardens enough for us to de-mould and hand finish our pieces, before taking them home wrapped delicately in acid-free tissue. Hannah will explain a little about the history and use of plaster in sculptural and interior applications, and she will also show you her collection of hand made sculptural lighting, in the studio.  Tea, coffee and snacks are included and each workshop lasts approx. 2 - 2.5 hours.  

Please get in touch for more information. 

10 February 2018

Tulip Wall Sconce shown between two of Blott Kerr-Wilson's shell wall pieces

25 January 2018

NEW! Rose Gold finish available for all our sculptural plaster wall lights

Plaster Wall Lights, Plaster Artisanal hand made Wall Sconces by Hannah Woodhouse

24 January 2018

Jewellery by Hannah Woodhouse


Jewellery by Hannah Woodhouse

Silver HAPPYnecklace by Hannah Woodhouse, the perfect way to say Happy Birthday or Christmas to your loved ones.  


I started making simple jewellery pieces a couple of years ago as Christmas presents for my  nephews and nieces and god-children....and it seems to have grown from there.  I enjoy the challenge of working on a small scale  (a change from big bronze lamps).  The jewellery still has my stamp - simple, archaic, patinated to look old.   I made up the word blong to describe what I like in jewellery terms  -  dark, oxydised silver, bronze, matt patinas.


Silver HAPPY! comes wrapped in tissue in a black velours pouch, ready to give to your loved one.  Price £ 55 including p & p in Europe.


My jewellery is definitely blong!  as opposed to bling! 


Silver Happy Necklace by Hannah Woodhouse



Silver Happy Necklace by Hannah Woodhouse




Silver Ribbed Shell Necklace by Hannah Woodhouse




Silver ribbed shell necklace by Hannah Woodhouse




Silver Ribbed Shell Necklace  by Hannah Woodhouse

19 November 2011

Launch of the Shanghai Wall Light!

A new twist on an original design by John Cullen, Hannah has worked with John Cullen's design team to develop "the ultimate simple wall light".  Made in Hannah's trademark eucalyptus bark paper, this wall light combines clean archtiectural lines with a warm, candle-like quality of light.

Next to Hannah's studio in SW France is a 13th C Priory, in a serious state of dilapidation.  The owner kindly let us have access to the Priory to take these photographs.



12 October 2011

Wall Lights!

A unique collaboration between Hannah Woodhouse, renowned for her handmade sculptural lights and John Cullen, world leaders in technical lighting, sees the launch of two new products Eucalyptus Paper Shanghai and Hand Etched Steel Shanghai.  



Shanghai Eucalyptus Paper Wall Light - a beautiful architectural wall light which gives out a warm, candle-like quality of light



These two new wall lights follow John Cullen's discreet lighting philosophy but with a new twist.  They now have a hand made, artistic element with Hannah's skilful introduction of both the hand made eucalyptus bark paper and hand etched steel.



Hand etched steel Shanghai Wall Light is an architectural wall light with a beautifully hand finished patina.  Available in two finishes - speckled french grey and dark bronze rust.  



This shows a close-up detail of the Shanghai Hand Etched Steel Wall Light (speckled french grey) Each piece is hand etched, coloured and polished by Hannah.



Heavy Hearts!  

These cast iron "heart" paperweights are hand etched and patinated by Hannah.  Designed as paperweights for those who attack their paperwork with a "heavy heart".  Just another example of how steel can be beautifully changed by the process of patination.  All of our Wall Lights are hand made and individually hand finished to each client's specifications.  We like to  work with your colour scheme so that the lights you put in your home really work, not only as lights, but with everything around them. 


Art Wall Lights is a new concept in lighting.  Beautiful hand made wall lights.  Architectural wall lights and sculptural wall lights made by Hannah Woodhouse.


Please contact us if you would like more information about  our architectural or sculptural wall lights.


10 October 2011

Portes Ouvertes in France

At the end of September we opened up our studio as a part of the regional Open Studio season.  We had lots of visitors from far and wide.



One of our prettiest visitors! My son's ex girlfriend Camille, who remains a close friend of the family.  Camille came and helpe me to receive visitors on her day off from university in La Rochelle.  



I decided to show some of my silver and bronze jewely as well as lights.  We had a lovely visit from Blott Kerr-Wilson and her husband Benjamin.  Blott is an amazing artist who uses shells (mussels, oysters and many others) to produce extraordinary works of art.  Google her!  



Oh my goodness, it is looking like a jewelry shop!



The Shanghai Wall Lights were in evidence, as well as the jewelryon bronze busts!

30 September 2011

Welcome to Art Wall Lights


Welcome to our new website dedicated to hand made sculptural and architectural wall lights


Colours are muted, earthy and elegant.  For the patinas & aged finishes I am inspired by lichen, old stone walls, rusty metal tools and other interesting objects found at the local brocantes here in France.  I love all things rusty.


This wall in our courtyard is the perfect example of a "natural patina".



I find most of my inspiration in nature.  


Famously bad at all things horticultural, we are attempting to grow our own veg this year, and despite the black fly (yes we are 100% organic) the broad beans from the garden are delicious.  Lentil and broan bean soup for lunch these days....



Willy and I are enjoying the "brocante" season.  


In Spring every village holds it's own brocante or "vide grenier" when the locals empty their attics and sell off their antique linen, family heirlooms, old tools and furniture. Tressle tables piled high line the village square or meander along a river bank.  We lose ourselves for hours picking through piles of rusty metal, leather, trinkets and linen. Beats a Saturday afternoon in Ikea! 


Last week-end we paid 2 euros for this old pressure gage.  I'm thinking of making a mould of it, pouring it in bronze and using it as the head and torso for a sculpture -  Wife of Oyster Bed Man.


To view Oyster Bed Man sculpture in bronze, visit



The children keep asking us to take them to the beach, and we invariably reply "Oh just one more brocante..."


Here are James  and Mattie on the beach,  Mattie looking disconcertingly small behind James, as she was infact quite far away in the photo...



Here's another bit of great natural "patination" - these zebras with their amazing markings.  I took the photo Mattie's birthday trip to the zoo at La Palmyre.  I spent the day taking close-ups of animal skins whilst she fed pop corn to the giraffes.  












30 May 2011

Artist in Light II

Hannah Woodhouse's works of art explore sculptural form through lighting. In this exhibition she studies the shapes and textures of the natural world and the human form. Her lamps appear as enigmatic and majestic figures rising up to greet the viewer in a haunting fashion.

Woodhouse creates her highly animated lamps in bronze and plaster. The archaic technique of lost-wax casting is used to work the bronze into limited edition pieces. Monumental, silent and powerful, her plaster lamps and wall sconces are like over-size shells, pods and bones. The plaster is left white to emphasise its brittle, bone-like quality.

Shades are sculpted with real petals, lime slices, bark paper, wire and fabric. Like the lamp bases they reflect Woodhouse's exceptional sense of balance and grace.

Before moving into sculpture Woodhouse worked for fashion designers Valentino and John Galliano. She has lived in Italy and France and is influenced by the work of sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Woodhouse has a BA hons degree in French and Italian from Bristol University. In the early 1990's she learnt how to cast bronze and weld metal, doing specialist courses at The Henry Moore Foundation and Central St Martin's School of Art.

Woodhouse had a solo show at The Study in London in 1997 (Artist in Light 1). In 1998 she was invited to exhibit her work in Sotheby's Contemporary Decorative Arts exhibition. She now works in partnership with her husband William Denniston, from their home in Kennington, South West London.

1 March 2011

Entente Cordial



Last October we had a wonderful evening “vernissage”, as part of the Charente Maritime open studio season. It was an idyllic, balmy summer's evening, with wine and visitors flowing in equal measure into the courtyard of the 12th Century abbey behind the studio.  I was showing some simple pieces, as an introduction of my work in the village.  Everyone had a great evening,  with people finally able to see inside my studio and find out exactly what I do.  


This year we will do the open studio event on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October 2011. We will have an evening "do" again, but not sure yet if the Friday or Saturday night, times will be confirmed nearer the time.  

Anyone who lives here in Pont l'Abbé knows where my studio is (the old Creperie, by the Church) but for those who have never visited before, you can find us at:


L'Atelier, 3 Rue Maréchal Leclerc, 17250 Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult, France - for anyone who might like to visit.


Call us nearer the time for more information +33 546936138 or mobile +44 7989 833407

1 February 2011

Art Wall Lights Exhibition

Art Wall Lights is an exciting new departure for Hannah. It marks the introduction of a new and bespoke service for interior designers and private clients, making custom made wall lights and appliques in plaster, bronze, rusted iron, leather and glass.

The Studio is situated in Vauxhall (nearest tube stations OVAL or STOCKWELL) or about 10 minutes cab ride from DECOREX in Chelsea.
Hannah is there every day from  9 am - 8 pm , Monday - Thursday  this week.

If you have problems trying to contact the Studio, please call the landline 0207 7356027 as the  orange coverage in the area has been disrupted this week.

If you cannot get through, JUST COME ALONG!

27 August 2010

30 November -1