About us

I am a sculptor and a lamp maker and I have been producing limited edition bronze lights & sculptural shades for over 20 years.  I work with leading interior designers and private clients all over the world. I  also have a long standing relationship with Sotheby's who regularly showcase my work in their London and New York galleries.  In the past 8 years I have developed custom made lighting for some of the world's most sumptuous super yachts with the industry's leading designers such as Bannenberg & Rowell Design and Adam Lay Studio.

So where does the Art Wall Lights story come in? 

My husband William Denniston and I moved with our 3 children to SW France 6 years ago where we discovered the wild Atlantic coast, exciting new materials and a most precious resource - highly skilled local French artisans.  We decided to work together on an exclusive new range of wall lights which is ongoing in terms of exploring new finishes and materials.   A collaboration with the designers at John Cullen (namely Sally Storey and Lucy Martin) also coincided with the launch of our new range, combining their technical expertise with my creativity to produce the Shanghai Wall light in eucalyptus paper and hand etched steel.  

Art Wall Lights is a collection of hand made & beautifully finished sculptural and architectural wall lights. They are signed by the artist  (yes that's me) but do not carry the hefty price tag of a limited edition bronze. 

We are a small family run business. William and I make and finish each light with the help of a small team of local metal smiths, leatherworkers and art founders. We are passionate about attention to detail and quality of finish.

Colours are muted, earthy and elegant. We use locally sourced and natural materials where possible. The launch range includes wall lights made in plaster, aged leather, rusted steel and bleached French oak. Lampshades are made by hand out of eucalyptus bark paper, silk and glazed linen.

To achieve the patina and “aged look” I use some unusual ingredients! -  to name but a few, locally harvested grey Atlantic sea salt (for rusting), squid ink and walnut stain. Leather lamps are covered and stitched by a local saddlery before I transform them to look aged and timeless. Steel lights are encased in a crust of sea salt which three weeks later is burnt off with a blow torch to reveal a rich patina of rust spots. This launch collection is all about finish, surface texture and patina.

New designs will be added in the months ahead so please come back and visit the site regularly. We hope you like the collection and would very much appreciate your feedback. Your comments are important to us.

Please email us at atelier@artwalllights.com
or call us on the mobile +44 (0) 7989 833407

We are often running around between the office the foundry and our atelier so mobile phone is best way to catch us.

If you would like to see my bespoke bronze lamps and sculptures please visit www.hannahwoodhouse.com